Operation & Maintenance

The core task of the division O&M is to run a CSP plant safely, contract and licensing compliant, reliable, efficient, value-preserving and  profitable.

FLG covers all phases of an O&M project, consisting of sales, mobilization, Takeover from  EPC, operation, maintenance and demobilization. Already during the construction of the CSP plant O&M forms a unit together with  EPC to create a  seamless and efficient transition from the construction to the operation phase.

The operation of CSP plants consist mainly of  predective inspections, preventive maintenance, repair and general overhaul.

Our scope covers the entire CSP plant, starting from the solar collector, via the thermal energy storage (TES) towards the power block and the supply of electrical energy into the grid.

The experience from  operation, is evaluated by the Engineering and R&D department always, finding improvements in cost and technology to increase productivity and decrease cost of  CSP power plants. Also this  include the ability to test new R&D products on our plants  giving valuable input in for research, development and engineering of CSP power plants to its best.

The overall objectives of  O&M are brought to its best performance for the energy production of a CSP plant together with extremely low cost.

This goal is achieved by:

  • Simplified and standardized processes

  • Consistent pursuit of any root/cause effect and being very effective in the repair process

  • Plant-specific optimized warehouse logistics

  • Condition Based Maintenance via a CMMS system

  • Reduction of plant downtime through effective maintenance scheduling and fast trouble management

  • Represent new innovative services that create added value

  • Reduction of consumables such as gas, water and electricity

  • Medium-term planning of the energy production

All these measures will lead to best economical conditions of CSP plants. So that CSP plants in future will be  much more competitive in the energy market, being attractive for investors and play an important role for renewable energy sources in the sun belt of the world.