EPC contracting

Based on successfully implemented projects, TSK Flagsol has long-term experience and expertise in the planning and construction of solar-thermal power plants. The original core competence, i.e. acting as a supplier of technology and granting engineering services, was extended in a consequent way is the past years and the portfolio of competences was enlarged to cover the whole value chain of an internationally operating general contractor. Today, TSK Flagsol is in a position to offer particular services as well as to assume the overall responsibility for the implementation of a solar-thermal power plant.

Apart from the traditional expertise gained in the field of engineering, an efficient procurement system as well as a competent installation and construction site management has been established.

In the procurement phase of a project, TSK Flagsol makes use of the technical and commercial specifications prepared in the planning phase in order to comb through the supplier market to find the best offers. Due to the close contact with the main suppliers, TSK Flagsol can fall back on high product quality at competitive prices with optimum supply safety. The close contact of TSK Flagsol with the suppliers also ensures quick processing of the procurement procedure and allows for the smooth organisation regarding the transport of the equipment.

The experience gained through the implementation of projects and the carrying out of O&M activities is continuously used with the processing of new projects. Thus, all competences and resources of Flagsol are made available to the customers in order to grant target-oriented planning and the orderly processing of the construction site activities by taking deadlines, costs, and quality issues into special consideration.