TSK Flagsol offers conceptual, basic and detailed engineering for parabolic trough power plants consisting of the main areas  
  • Power block and Balance of Plant
  • Solar Field
  • Heat Transfer Fluid System
  • Thermal energy storage

Furthermore in its EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) business, TSK Flagsol plans and creates fully operable solar-thermal power plants. In this process the power plant starts with a concept study and goes through the different steps of basic and detail engineering.

All relevant facilties of engineering are involved, including process engineering, plant and piping design, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, instrumentation and control.

These competences, which were optimized by TSK Flagsol for the solar thermal industry sector, TSK Flagsol can also apply in the non-solar industrial sector. TSK Flagsol allocates with pleasure the engineering capacities also in the sector of general mechanical and plant engineering, particularly in the chemical, petrochemical and the oil and gas industry. Please contact us in this matter.


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Head of Engineering

Arnold Haite
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Head of Process Engineering

Frieder Graeter
Phone: +49 221 925 970 - 0