Apart from turn-key implementation of solar-thermal power plants and solar fields, TSK Flagsol also offers collector licences for customers who want to implement the solar field by themselves and who need a well-proven collector design to accomplish this. Therefore two colector designs are available, the SKAL-ET and a newly developped design, the HelioTrough.

CSP Solutions Consult, a subsidiary of TSK Flagsol, acts as a licenser for the parabolic trough design already used in the Andasol power plants, TSK Flagsol’s reference projects located in Spain. The Andasol design is a modified version of the improved Euro Trough (Skal-ET) collector tested under industrial conditions.

In addition to the making available of collector licenses, CSP Solutions Consult offers project developers and general contractors supporting engineering services, too. In order to assist customers in the development of their own solar-thermal projects under license of the SKAL ET parabolic trough collector, CSP Solutions Consult has developed special service packages containing collector-specific information as well as the corresponding engineering service. On the basis of the SKAL ET packages, the customers are provided with customized first-class engineering services and can profit from a well-proven and reliable technology. In combination with tailor-made engineering service packages, the SKAL ET collector license is indispensable for a high-precision solar field design and project implementation.