Solar field control

Implementation of Flagsol’s Field Supervisory Control (FSC) to improve the operation of the solar field

In the first place, this FSC system developed by TSK Flagsol serves as an interface between the plant operator and the solar field. A multitude of individual screen views and curve illustrations provide the operator with detailed information on the momentary state of the solar field. A command line on the screen allows the plant operator at any time to have access to all control commands for the solar field like tracking of the collectors, moving of the collectors to their safety position, moving of the collectors to a certain position, moving them to their cleaning position, etc.

The automatic function of the FSC permits the operating personnel at any time to operate the solar field fully automatically without any further manual intervention, with the superordinate control technology taking over the control of the FSC. The redundantly designed FSC system integrates, among other things, the following items:

- Command line control

- Detailed screen views of the solar field

- Curve illustrations and table illustrations

- Wind speed monitoring and other safety-related functions

- Solar field network monitoring

- Communication with all solar field controls (LOCs)

- Communication with the superordinate control technology

- Exchange of information with the weather stations in the solar field

- Data logging of the solar field parameters

- Administration of the LOC parameters

- Dumping and temperature control of the solar field

With this, the thermal output of the solar field permits to be reduced by means of a control command to be issued by the  superordinate control technology. The set temperature of the individual collector loops can be determined by the superordinate control technology, too.

- Detection of sensor errors in the solar field