Distributed Control System (DCS)

Designing of the control philosophy for the (power plant) control system (Distributed Control System, DCS) taking over the control of the power plant including the solar field

This control philosophy is developed by TSK Flagsol independently of any manufacturer-related components, so that TSK Flagsol is capable of meeting individual customer-specific requirements regarding the selection of manufactures and hardware.

In this context, TSK Flagsol’s engineering services are rendered by applying the VGB R170C guidelines for solar-thermal power plants and are essentially based on the following documents:

  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams/drawings (P&ID), list of measuring points, consumer list
  • Compilation of the process engineering data
  • Development of the cornerstones for the control technology-related strategy like a redundancy concept, a back-up strategy, and a stand-by strategy
  • Development of the specifications for control tasks by means of verbal descriptions and of control system diagrams/drawings
  • Development of the tasks for the control and the locking mechanisms of the system components
  • Development of the tasks for the basic process