Parabolic Trough Collector

The core unit of each solar-thermal power plant is the solar field, where the incident solar radiation is concentrated, converted into heat, and finally fed into the power generation circuit.

The installation of the solar field accounts for half of the total investment costs of a power plant. Therefore, the development of a precise, highly efficient, and economic solar collector is one of the most essential issues. In the case of the Andasol 1, 2 and 3 power plants in Spain and the Kuraymat project in Egypt, TSK Flagsol's current collector generation, the Skal-ET collector was chosen to be installed. From now on, however, the newly developed HelioTrough collector is available as the successor of the successful Skal-ET collector and will further improve cost efficiency and technical performance.

TSK Flagsol supplies complete and extremely efficient collectors and sub-assemblies for collectors. This comprises the supply of all components via third party suppliers. In essence, this covers the following items:
• Steel structures
• Heat-absorbing elements (licences, construction drawings, assembly procedures)
• Mirrors
• Hydraulic drives
• Swivel joints
• Control systems for the whole power plant unit
The collectors are designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. The complete solar field like those of the Andasol power plants allows for normal operation with wind speeds of up to 13.6 m/sec (approx. 49 km/h). With higher wind speeds, some of the collectors are put in a wind-protected 'sleep' position. In the case of squalls, i.e. wind speeds of more than 20 m/sec (approx. 72 km/h), the plant operation is discontinued.
TSK Flagsol has extensive experience in the complete manufacturing of collectors and is capable of procuring the whole range of corresponding materials and of carrying out on site the working steps necessary for the manufacturing of high-performance parabolic trough collectors. In this context, TSK Flagsol offers the following:

- A collector manufacturing hall with all corresponding equipment and components

- Procurement of material

- Specialists for the manufacturing of collectors

- Quality control

TSK Flagsol also develops and distributes vehicles for mirror cleaning designed for the perfect water-saving cleaning of parabolic trough collectors.