TSK Flagsol also intensively deals with the issue of photovoltaics now. However, this does not constitute a break with the solar-thermal tradition of TSK Flagsol. In fact, TSK Flagsol includes PV technology to emphasize the necessity and significance of the complementary employment of all renewable energy technologies demonstrating their different advantages depending on the respective applications and sites. For Flagsol, the polarizing discussion limited to the issue of investment costs is not purposeful. A descriptive example of the complementarity of the technologies is the hybridization of our CSP plants with photovoltaics used for the partial covering parasitic and auxiliary energy consumption of solar-thermal power plants.

With the assistance of the worldwide network of the TSK, TSK Flagsol intends to beneficially use this form of power generation in selected countries and projects in order to support positive developments in regions all over the world and contribute to the improvement of local  infrastructures. Generally speaking, TSK Flagsol takes over the role of project developer, financer and general contractor. The photovoltaic modules are purchased from relevant manufacturers included in project-related strategic partnerships.