Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC)

This type of power plant (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle = gas-fired and steam power plant with an integrated solar field) offers the advantage of being based on two well-proven technologies:

- Gas-fired and steam power plant: a cost-effective and reliable plant for the production of electric power

- Solar field supplement: a well-proven and renewable energy technology accepted by the banks – it does not consume fossil energy sources and does not produce any CO2/CO emissions.

New technological investments in the field of process optimization and integration as well as in the equipment provide for high flexibility with the production of energy and for an increased solar contribution to the total amount of energy generated. As a result, this type of power plant does not only offer reliable power system stability, but also ensures substantial growth of sustainable green energy contributing to the energy mix of the future.
This type of power plant integrates solar heat into the Rankine cycle of the conventional power plant blocks. The essential parts of such a power plant are:


- Conventional part of the power plant with gas and steam circuit

- Integrated solar field

- Solar steam generator

During the period of solar radiation, feed water is extracted from the heat recovery steam generator of the conventional part of the power plant and fed to the solar-type steam generator to generate saturated steam. The steam is returned to this heat recovery steam generator and then overheated. The thermal energy increased this way by solar energy input improves the yield of the Rankine cycle. In the period without solar radiation, the power plant operates like a common gas-fired and steam power plant. By adding thermal energy storage, the solar share in the total energy production can be further increased.