Information on our purchasing activities

The objective of TSK Flagsol’s purchasing activities is not only the long-term securing of appropriate provision of our company, but also of all our projects with material, services, operating resources and working materials at minimum costs.
This means:
Focus no. 1
of purchasing is to further strengthen the technological development of the enterprise by optimizing and adapting the procurement processes in accordance with best practices.
Focus no. 2
of purchasing is to further optimize the costs for goods and services.
Focus no. 3
of purchasing is to ensure the procurement of our internal and external customers in the required quality and time.
Focus no. 4
of purchasing is to further increase the competitiveness of our enterprise by an international orientation of the procurement activities.
Focus no. 5
of purchasing is to take health, safety, and environmental aspect into account within the scope of the legal regulations.
Dealing with suppliers – Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
The relationship with our suppliers is based on mutual trust and respect. We are always a fair partner, but we make high demands on our suppliers’ performance. We also include our suppliers when it comes to solving problems and invite them to participate in development activities. We are looking for long-term relationships relying on true partnership.
We perform our worldwide purchasing activities on the basis of defined management processes and of a global procurement strategy instead of buying goods and services on a tactical short-term basis. We expect that the behaviour of our suppliers and contractual partners corresponds to our values.
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